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from every seed a forest....

I had an awesome weekend, at least friday to saturday. Sara was up with her parents (for like a shopping trip), which was an increadible treat. I of course didn't get much done on sunday though. I want to play more WoW, but I have so much work that I haven't been able to lately. I'm proud of myself for staying away from it though. I've been... well maybe not entirely caught up on work, but I haven't been falling any further behind. Oh, and my clalc students have a test friday, so I probably won't have class for em on tuesday (since thanksgiving break starts wednesday anyway. Also, the past couple days have been nice and spiritual, today was especially cool in that respect. I like playing with energy. But now, well I don't know what to put for mood. I have a lot to sort through in my head, so howabout... contemplative? psh, I don't like that emoticon; it implies confusion.
k, I have some things to do and then sleep.
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