Luminous is the Midnight Snow (faeoberon) wrote,
Luminous is the Midnight Snow

I don't post for how many months, and the thing that gets me back is a feeling of responcibility that I've been "tagged" to do a quiz? I guess I'm pretty lame.

So I graduated from Plattsburgh with my BS in math (minor in computer science), and I got accepted into UMaine on a teaching assistantship. Looks like I'm pretty se there. I'm going to visit maine in a couple weeks with Sara, we're going to check out the campus and the sights. I can't wait. I just got back from Sara's tonight actually, and I want to go back. What can I say, I'm crazy about her.
For now, though, I'm working back at questar for the summer. Oh, and I recently came into posession of my mom's car, a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus. So that's pretty sweet.

K, the reason I went and made this post... (tagged by Justin and Rob (rob had 8, justin 6))

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

(and by the way, this is rediculously difficult, and could change completely by next week)
In no partiular order:

1:Troubled by the Way We Came Together- Natalie Ambruglia
2:Velveteen- Troy
3:Inner Universe- Origa w/ Shanti Snyder
4:Song For Holly- Esthero
5:One Beat- Sleater Kinney
6:After All- Delerium

(gotta try to remember who didn't do this already)
1: pburghmama20
2: haari
3: demonic_toenail
4: athenabc
5: snowpunk
6: ryoten18
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