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Now we're up to speed

So I just got back from fencing. That's why I had to leave that last one as a more "overview of things" kind of update. Anyway, that's one of three groups of people I've met and enjoyed the company of since I got here; The Blade Society, math grad students, and Elements. That last one is this really great group of pagan people, kinda like PWA, but when everyone got along. I probably spend the most time with the grad students, you know, every day.
We have our own office, and it's about three doors down from where I take all three of my class on MWF. (In case you're interested, that's Complex Analysis, Differential Forms (kinda like calc 3+), and Advanced Linear Algebra (which is all abstract)). On T/TH, I teach Cacl I at 12, 1, and 2 to about 20ish students each class (they have instruction from a lecturer as well, I just make sure they get it).
Anyway, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 is fencing, and I've gone just about every time this year. This has enabled me to learn enough that there's a chance I'll get to go to the Bare-Blade Tavern Brawl, and possibly get authorized for SCA fencing.
Mondays are Elements days, and that's super great. Last weekend, we went on the school-sponsored trip to Salem, MA, and even though there were a ton of tourist-trappy things, it was wicked great. Mostly because of the company (the shopping was top-notch as well). And just this past monday which was Samhain, for those of you keeping track at home, we had a really nice little party.

Let's see... anything else? Ok, so my room is in Estabrooke Hall, which is the "graduate/foreign/nontradition student" hall, so it's pretty quiet, and I have a fair-sized room. I spend a good deal of time in here, obviously, and the dining hall is just a hop, skip, and jump away. I still play WoW, so let's hope that doesn't suck up all my time, hm?

If I left anything out, ask me about it.

Ok, I think that sets up the scene pretty well. Now it's just a matter of day-to-day drama (or lack thereof) and of course

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