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first, the big stuff

May 6th- November 2nd in one update? Forget that. Minor details of the major events of the recent past include: I'm at UMaine in Orono doing the grad school thing, I am TA for Calculus here. I have a car. That's about it for big changes. I mean there are all the consequences of moving at least 7 hours away from everyone you know- you start out really not knowing anyone, and really missing everyone at home. That's right all you plattsburgh and EG people, I miss you. And I especially my Sara. My day-to-day life goes on just the same as it always has: class and work interspersed with games, food and sleep. I've taken up fencing, so that's a good waste/use of my time, too. Upcoming soon: more quizzes (of course) and more actual updates (fo' real this time!)
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